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How To Scale Your Cleaning Company Into A $1 million+ Cash-Printing Machine That Runs Itself, Build A Rockstar Team That Picks Up The Slack, And Take Back The Freedom You Deserve... In Less Than 90 Days! 

((So You Never Work Another Weekend Or Late Night Again)

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The Battle-Tested Method To Obliterate Employee Turnover, Build A Team Of A-Players, And Attract Quality Clients That Pre-Pay For Your Services… In Less Than 90 days!

(So You Can Build A $100k/Mo Cleaning Empire WHILE Enjoying Time Off)

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Yes! I want a Million Dollar Cleaning Company

I Will Personally Walk You Through, Step by Step, How to Build a Thriving $100k/mo Recurring Cleaning Business, Even If You've Been Doing Everything Yourself… Absolutely for FREE

Dear exhausted cleaning business owner, would it surprise you to learn that our clients are able to build a thriving cleaning business, find clients that pay them in advance, and actually work up to 20 hours LESS per week, using ONE simple technique?


Of course you are!

But stick with me and I’ll make it worth your while.


We Do This Using A Completely Counterintuitive Method That I’m About To Share With You In Just A Minute

The very same method that hundreds of cleaning business owners from all over the world are using to finally hit their first 20, 50, and even MULTIPLE 100k months…

… And build a high performing team to carry the weight, even if they’ve had high employee turnover for YEARS…

… All without doing everything themselves, or wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing…

… And best of all, they’re able to be present with their loved ones, unplug at the end of the day, and actually perform better at work (even if they were working 60 hours a week for years!)

Like Danielle, A Cleaning Business Owner From Pennsylvania Who Went From Burnt Out, Stressed Out, And Feeling Stuck… To Bringing In $20,950 Last Month For The First Time (While Crafting An Awesome Team To Handle The Cleaning Jobs!)

Here’s what she had to say:

And she's not the only one either...

Or John Torres, Who Not Only Built A Million Dollar Cleaning Business… But Finally Went On His First Vacation In Years For 3 Whole Weeks, While His Company THRIVED Without Him!

Or Katherine, Who DOUBLED Her Cleaning Business In Less Than A Year, Went from 0 to 9 Rockstar Employees And Will Be Moving To A New State Where She Can Run Her Biz Entirely Remotely

She’s serving her clients at a higher level, and more importantly, spending more time with her family and actually unwinding at the end of the day…

We could easily fill this entire page with hundreds of success stories just like these because this simple method has been changing the lives of countless cleaning business owners all over the world…

If You Want To Know HOW And WHY This Works So Well, I’ll Give You The Secret In Just Three Words:

Clean Profit Accelerator

If you're the owner of a cleaning business, you're probably used to juggling everything from payroll to customer service, all while trying to scrape together a decent profit. You're stuck in the old rhythm of do-more-to-earn-more, an outdated strategy that has you spinning your wheels.

The truth is, this way of working leaves you overextended, underpaid, and with the constant fear that one wrong move could topple your entire operation. It's like being trapped in a maze where every turn leads back to the start. You don't just lose time and money; you lose the freedom that drew you to entrepreneurship in the first place.

Now, forget that nightmare, because here's where your story changes with the Clean Profit Accelerator:

Step #1: Cash Profit Amplification
I'll guide you personally to not just increase your profit margins to 25 or even 30%, but also to get that cash in advance. Imagine having a reservoir of resources, ready and waiting, not just for the rainy days but also for your business to thrive and grow.

Step #2: Precision-Targeted Profit Plan
Together, we'll chalk out the exact revenue required to hit your sweet spot of profits. We'll break it down to the precise number of leads, bids, and sales you need each month - your personalized "magic number." But we won't stop there; we'll craft your tailor-made marketing strategy that not only attracts but converts the cream of the crop leads into customers who are a joy to serve.

Step #3: Automated Operational Mastery
Finally, we streamline your operations. Our automated cleaner hiring funnel is a game-changer, saving you hours of sifting through unfit applications. Say goodbye to the black hole of interviewing no-shows. Instead, welcome a steady stream of quality cleaners ready to uphold your company's standards.

And for the admin load? You’ll get our one-page, 'done-for-you' job descriptions for the essential roles that will have your business running like a well-oiled machine. Set these in motion, and you can then choose to either dive into expansion or kick back and enjoy the life you've earned.

So, if you're ready to break free from the outdated grind and step into a world where your cleaning business works for you—yielding profits, growth, and freedom—let the Clean Profit Accelerator pave your way to success.

How do I know?

Because the Clean Profit Accelerator is what’s enabled me to help hundreds of ambitious cleaning company owners just like you dive out of bed feeling pumped and ready to win the day again and build a $100k/mo business… in a matter of WEEKS not years.

We’ve proven this hundreds of times…and I want to put this same strategy to work for YOU.

Now, I’m About To Do Something Absolutely Crazy…

I’m Going To Literally HAND You This ‘Clean Profit Accelerator’ Absolutely Risk-Free

Yes! I want a Million Dollar Cleaning Company

We'll get on the phone for about 45 minutes, and I’ll ask a bunch of questions about the struggles you're going through in your cleaning business.

I want to know about why you’ve gotten stuck, what’s bringing you down, and everything you've tried that hasn't worked.

We’ll then lay out a custom game plan for you to turn things around and start getting the excitement back in your life, while making the money you want, and without sacrificing your respect, your status or your reputation.

And if you want my help to deploy this system to make sure you get it right the first time and start seeing results asap, we can talk about how to make that happen. If not, that’s cool too.

Either way, by the time we’re done with this call, you’re going to have a crystal clear path to building a $100k cleaning business, hiring a team of A-players, and get clients to pay in advance just to work with you…

There is NO charge for this call. It's absolutely FREE.

So What's The Catch?

This Is NOT For Everyone!

I have a very strict criteria for WHO I can serve.

#1. You MUST be the owner of a cleaning company making at least $5k or more per month…

#2. You MUST be coachable and hungry, because no surface-level solutions will solve this problem for you.

#3. This MUST be your top priority. You’re ready to scale your cleaning business and thrive NOW, not later.

If that’s not you, please close this page.

If that is you, hit the button below and book your free call NOW.

And again, if you DO decide that you want our help to implement this game plan, the whole thing is guaranteed.

If it doesn’t work for you, you won’t pay me a penny, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Yes! I want a Million Dollar Cleaning Company

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I've spent the last 25 years making big, expensive mistakes so you don't have to. I've worked to scale my own cleaning companies and instead of taking that cash to the bank and retiring, I wanted to pass my learnings on to the rest of the cleaning company world so YOU don't have to make the same mistakes I did. 

I spend every day working with hundreds of cleaning company owners helping them get out of cleaning and to start working ON their business, not in it. 

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